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Staying Active While You Are Busy

By: Carson Kelber ’21, applied nutrition

As the semester begins to pick up and your schedule fills with obligations, it can be very easy to let physical activity slip through the cracks. However, it is important to remember that fitting physical activity into your day can provide many benefits to all aspects of your life. Some of the benefits of staying active include, but are not limited to:

  • More energy 
  • Weight management 
  • Improved blood pressure and cholesterol 
  • Stronger bones and muscles 
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Boost concentration and alertness
  • Increased productivity
  • Improve long-term health and decreased risk for chronic disease
  • Better mood

Although it can seem tough to fit in physical activity with such a busy schedule it isn’t impossible. Luckily, we are here to provide you with tips and tricks to help you stay active during your busy life.

Walk, Walk, Walk and Walk Some More

Ditch the Lime Scooter, walk instead. Don’t use the elevator, use the stairs. Leave for class early and take the long route. You could also take advantage of the Raleigh-area greenway and go for a walk with a friend while enjoying some fresh air.  These are some simple and easy steps you can take to be more active throughout your day. Walking is the simplest way to squeeze more activity into your everyday life.

Plan Ahead

Scheduling exercise into your day can be one of the easiest ways to hold yourself accountable. Try writing in time in your day for you to exercise. Whether that be writing it down in your agenda or typing it into your Google calendar, having it already scheduled into your day can make it easier to do. When you physically schedule it into your day you are committing to do it and you may feel more inclined to not skip out on it. Also, try packing your gym bag the night before so that you are prepared for the next day. Planning to meet up with a friend to exercise is another great way to stay accountable.

Find Exercise You Enjoy

This may seem like common sense, but when you are doing exercise that you enjoy you will look forward to doing it. Exercise looks different for everyone and it is important to find how you like to move. Having exercise that you look forward to and enjoy can also help greatly reduce your stress levels. Try new forms of exercise until you find something that you love and excites you to get your body moving. Some examples may include running, lifting weights, yoga, dancing, cycling, swimming, boxing, team sports, etc.

Use All That Wellness and Recreation Has to Offer

Don’t forget to check out all that NC State Wellness and Recreation has to offer including: group fitness classes, club and intramural sports, personal training, wellness coaching, outdoor adventure trips and more.