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Wellness and Recreation

students painting hands to put on a poster about celebrating Earth Day

Apr 3, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: Embracing Sustainability, Your Path to a Greener Future

Striving toward a more sustainable lifestyle is not just a choice, but a responsibility we owe to our planet. Every action counts in shaping a greener future, including engaging with student sustainability organizations, conserving energy and understanding our environmental footprint. 

A clock next to a pen, notebook and phone

Mar 27, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: A Time Management Blueprint

For NC State students, mastering time management is crucial for achieving academic success and maintaining overall well-being. Let’s explore practical tips and strategies to help you effectively manage your time and optimize your productivity. 

different produce items displayed on a wooden table

Mar 20, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: Build-a-Bowl

Amid a busy schedule, it can be difficult to plan your meals ahead of time. Learn simple tips for grocery shopping on a budget and how to make a meal packed full of nutrients to fuel you through your day. 

The first intramural sports t-shirt awarded

Mar 18, 2024

The Most Coveted Prize on Campus, Celebrating the Intramural Sports Championship T-shirt

Few experiences rival that of the quest college students take to win a t-shirt. Each year, students go to great lengths to claim this aspirational trophy. 

a plants growing out of a jar of coins

Mar 6, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: Flourishing Finances

While it may not feel like it, finances are an important component of our well-being. Developing strategies to manage our money is necessary for ensuring short- and long-term success, feeling secure and making choices that optimize enjoyment. 

NC State Club Flag Football team at National Championships

Mar 5, 2024

Club Flag Football Competes in National Championships, Blake Named All-American

Despite a long tradition with the NIRSA National Flag Football Championships, it has been decades since an NC State team traveled to compete on collegiate flag football’s highest stage. In December, the Club Flag Football team at NC State made the 18-hour trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma to take on the best intramural and club flag football teams across the country. 

Among her many on-campus endeavors, Rosie Maloney works at Wellness and Recreation's climbing wall.

Feb 29, 2024

Howling Success: Rosie Maloney

Our latest Howling Success features a student who takes pride in her work helping other students succeed as a tutor in the Academic Success Center, and likes to stay busy on campus. 

students in the active study space at Wellness and Recreation

Feb 29, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: Essential Study Habits for Academic Success

As midterms approach, students are gearing up for one of the most intense periods of the semester. With your books broken open, pencils sharpened and highlighters ready, your anxiety may be heightened, but no need to fear! By developing these five healthy habits, you can elevate your study sessions and excel in your upcoming exams.  

women playing intramural flag football in the 90s

Feb 23, 2024

100 Years of Intramural Sports

As cheers echo across Miller Field and the sounds of sneakers scuffing against gym floors reverberate through Carmichael Gym, we find ourselves at the threshold of a remarkable milestone: the centennial celebration of intramural sports at NC State. 

students participating in a dance fitness class

Feb 21, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: Movement as Medicine

The concept of “movement as medicine” is one that has been around for centuries. We will unpack this message by sharing the benefits that movement has on our physical, mental-emotional and social well-being.