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Self Care and Time Management

NC State student meditation

By: Cayla Slack ’20, political science

At Wellness and Recreation, we consistently promote the practice of “self care” to students, faculty and staff. Self-care can be practiced in many ways but is crucial for us to make a habit of practicing this in our day-to-day lives.

So…what exactly is self-care?

Self-care is the practice of preserving and improving one’s own health. This can be done in a variety of ways but should be done as consistently as possible.

As students, we have to balance school, work, internships, social life and our overall well-being. Finding a healthy balance between all of these things can be challenging and cause us to prioritize our busy lives over our health which makes it all the more important that we practice self-care, particularly during times of distress. 

When we give priority to our wellness and health, it becomes significantly easier to handle the stress that comes with our busy lives. These habits help us to refocus when we face challenges so we can deal with our challenges with a clear mind. Practicing self-care is also proven to improve our overall health in many ways, it prevents chronic stress and subsequential diseases and it provides us with the long-term feeling of well-being. It is a crucial way of managing overwhelming emotions, depression and anxiety. 

How should I practice self-care?

To practice self-care it is fundamental to use time-management. Time-management includes: getting plenty of rest, incorporating leisure time into your schedule and creating strategies to work efficiently. Self-care also consists of eating healthy meals and being regularly physically active. 

NC State provides many opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity on campus for students and staff to enjoy. If you struggle with incorporating self-care practices into your day to day life, consider meeting with a wellness coach, fitness coach or even one of the dietations we have on campus. These resources are provided to students to take care of themselves in their day to day lives.