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Pack Essentials Application Moves to MyPack Portal

Students who need support will be directed to MyPack Portal from the Pack Essentials website.

Aerial view of the Belltower and main campus

The Pack Essentials application is now available in the MyPack Portal, under the Student Accounts tab. This change won’t have much of a direct impact on a student’s experience when applying for support, and students will continue to be directed to the portal from the Pack Essentials webpage.

The primary benefits of this change will be even more streamlined contact with the students when they submit a Pack Essentials application as well as the ability to utilize more robust data about who is accessing support. If you encounter a student who is experiencing food and/or housing insecurity, you can continue to refer them to the Pack Essentials website.

Stay tuned for more information about the opening of the new Pack Essentials HUB later this semester, including a new location for the Feed the Pack food pantry.