NASM Backs the Pack

Jocelyn Fifer Personal Training

By: Remi Oswald ‘19, communications

Behind many gym lovers is a personal trainer. Someone who encouraged, inspired and taught them how to become physically well. To be a successful fitness trainer, you must be equipped with knowledge of proper technique, and motivational mantras.

Do you think you have got what it takes?

Jocelyn Fifer ‘19 and Christopher Gottberg ‘19 proved they do. All thanks to the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM®) certified personal trainer program, offered here at NC State.

NASM® offers an eight-week personal trainer certification course. To help benefit their fitness career, students are taught how to maximize client results and create goal specific training programs. The certification course is a combination of online and in-person labs. It is perfect for anyone interested in exercise programming, and for students looking to advance their career in the health and fitness industry. The classes are relatively small, but full of like-minded students who share your passion for fitness.

NASM® caters to students with all kinds of backgrounds in health and fitness. “I found a passion for weightlifting and have benefited tremendously in many areas like overall health, strength, and confidence. Plus weightlifting gives me something, a goal, to always work towards. From these personal realizations, I wanted to help others find them as well. Which is why I pursued personal training,” said Fifer.

“I have not always had a fitness background. I always played soccer, but working out was something that I only had a couple of years of learning before going into the course,” said Gottberg.

Having this advanced certification is important for boosting your fitness career to the next level. Since completing her NASM® course during Fall 2017, Fifer has used her credentials to become a certified personal trainer. “It’s certainly a great certification, and many gyms want and respect it,” said Fifer. “I was interested in pursuing the certification after I learned about what the University looks for in a personal trainer,” said Gottberg.

The NASM® certification course educates you on the elements of fitness training and the way our body’s muscular system functions. It offers you insight that will both expand what you can teach others, and improve your own physical form. “I was able to take things that were being taught in the course and directly apply it to my own life,” said Gottberg.

Gottberg completed his NASM® certification course during Fall 2016 and has since had the opportunity to receive additional certifications and attend conferences, to further his fitness knowledge. Gottberg reflects on his NASM® experience fondly, with a lot of appreciation for his ability to use his knowledge to help others succeed. “Without NASM® I would not have been able to see [my clients] reach their goals, surpass them and then have to make new ones,” said Gottberg.

Worried about increasing your student workload with this course? Don’t be. The key to successfully managing both is to set time aside to focus on the NASM® material. “I dedicated one day a week to learning and studying the material. It allowed me to focus and review the material without distractions,” said Fifer.

Alongside Fifer and Gottberg are many more NASM® success stories, and yours could be next. NASM® is a great choice for anyone passionate about fitness, and interested in becoming a personal trainer. “Without the opportunity of NASM® being offered at NC State, I would not have nearly as many opportunities that I have today. I cannot speak highly enough about the NASM® material and my NASM® experience,” said Gottberg.

Christopher Gottberg with client

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey to becoming a certified personal trainer? Register by visiting Member Services Suite located inside Carmichael Gym at the aquatics entrance, or contact (919) 515-7529.