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Health and Wellness

Get to Know NC State Wellness and Recreation

From a wealth of fitness classes, a brand new gym and the return of intramural sports, NC State Wellness and Recreation offers a bit of everything for students, faculty and staff on their wellness journey.

A yoga class in the new Wellness and Recreation Center

By Caleb White, DASA Marketing Intern

NC State Wellness and Recreation, also known as WellRec, empowers the Wolfpack community to thrive and grow in the six elements of wellness: purpose, financial, physical, emotional, social and community. To gain a deeper understanding of this, we spoke with Owen Hanna, a communications intern, who told us about WellRec’s role, some interesting programs and even some of his favorite slept on spots that students should know about: 

Tell us about WellRec and its role at NC State?

WellRec provides students with a safe and inclusive environment to promote healthy active lifestyles and build community. At the Wellness and Recreation center, students can relieve stress from school or work, meet friends, try new activities and stay active.

Owen Hanna, stands next to lockers wearing a black face covering and a red polo shirt, standing next to a sign that says "Masks are required regardless of your vaccination status."
Owen Hannah

What are some of the programs, workshops, etc. that students should be on the lookout for each school year? Are there any new additions this year?

Wellness and Recreation offers various wellness programs to educate students on stress reduction, getting better sleep, and the importance of hydration and physical activity. Howl and Chill is another cool event, giving students a chance to de-stress and focus on self care. Also, Pack Pumpkin Painting is next month at Miller Fields, where students can get festive and decorate pumpkins, all while de-istressing from midterms. In addition to these, WellRec also offers weekly climbing basics clinics, where students can learn to safely use the new climbing center and get belay certified.

What safety measures are being taken to ensure that students are kept safe and to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Are you still offering virtual opportunities for those who feel safer/more comfortable in that setting?

To ensure the health and well-being of students and faculty, we require face coverings to be worn while inside the Wellness and Recreation center. Equipment and lockers are

frequently sanitized throughout the day. And for students who would rather opt for a virtual class, WellRec offers a few virtual group fitness classes including yoga, HIIT and dance.

What are some of the best features of the new Wellness and Recreation Center? What kind of feedback have you gotten from students about it this year?

Some of the best features of the new WellRec center include: our new indoor climbing center, which features a climbing wall (over 40 ft. high) and a bouldering cave; a functional training area on the fourth floor where students can practice squatting, push and pull training and other exercises for everyday life; and our Pack Strong center on the first floor, which focuses on powerlifting and olympic lifting. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from students about the new center. It’s more welcoming, easier to navigate and is an open environment for students to find resources.

A student using the boulder climbing wall

Intramural sports are back! What sports are available to sign up for now? What will be available soon?

Yes they are! We are excited to safely bring back the Pack to compete in many activities. Though many sports are already in season, students can still sign up for a variety of special events, including Texas Hold’em tournaments, disc golf, chess and a FIFA tournament. This sSpring we will also bring back basketball and soccer. Students can sign up on the brand new WellRec app.

What are some of the leadership roles or other unique opportunities WellRec offers to its students/student workers?

Students can become leaders on campus by applying for many different positions, including: personal and group fitness instructors, intramural sports officials or wellness coaches. These positions can help students enhance their critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Are there any under-used resources or aspects of WellRec that you think more students should know about?

One of the main underutilized resources is the Outdoor Adventures equipment rentals, where students can rent bikes, sleeping bags, tents and portable stoves. Another resource that is available is access to a certified wellness coach, who students can work with to set goals for fitness, sleep and time management. The best way to find other cool resources is to download the WellRec app. This helps students stay up to date with information about fitness classes, intramural sports, and special events. And make sure to turn on notifications! 

For more information about Wellness and Recreation or for information about classes or employment opportunities, visit their website.