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Bowers Promoted to Director of Prevention Services

As director of Prevention Services, Angel Bowers plans to focus on program development that highlights the needs of today’s students.

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After 15 years of service in the NC State Counseling Center, Angel Bowers has been promoted to director of Prevention Services, where she will provide administrative support to staff, create connections with campus partners and continue to advance the discussion around the importance of mental health services in the NC State community. 

Prior to her new role, Bowers was associate director of the Counseling Center, with an emphasis on outreach, eating disorders and interpersonal violence. 

“While I will maintain my clinical licensure to ensure that all decisions include best practices and clinically informed lens, I will not be a clinician in the new role,” Bowers said. “Outreach and prevention have always been my passion in this work. I will continue to create, present and support outreach while fostering students’ and staff members’ growth and development in areas.”

Angel Bowers
Angel Bowers

While the Counseling Center and Prevention Services provide similar programming, they are separate units. Prevention Services is a comprehensive resource for students, faculty and staff that provides prevention education and mental health outreach. The department also oversees the Alcohol and Other Drugs substance abuse program, the Mental Health Ambassadors program, the Collegiate Recovery Community and the CARES case management for students of concern.

“I hope to create an environment centered on respect, collaboration and trust towards the common goals of connecting students to available support and challenging the systems that oppress them,” Bowers said. “All work through Prevention Services, whether outreach, case management, peer education or Alcohol and Other Drugs work will focus on inclusion-based practices. This includes meeting students where they are and decreasing barriers around help-seeking. 

“Given the unique challenges of students today, Prevention Services aims to continue to develop creative programming to address the isolation, disconnection and lack of community experienced by many students,” Bowers continued. “Finally, Prevention Services will work with faculty and staff to offer training, collaboration and spaces to gain the skills and support needed to serve NC State students best.”

Angel Bowers pictured with NC State Mental Health Ambassadors prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
Angel Bowers with NC State Mental Health Ambassadors prior to the COVID-19 pandemic

Bowers assumed her new role this month, and is enjoying the transition.

“I have so much love and loyalty to the Wolfpack family,” she said. “I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to develop as a director and, most importantly, to support student development from a holistic perspective.”

Learn more about Prevention Services and the resources they provide on their website: