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Thinking and Doing Good for Your Health

basketball hoop

Mason Taylor, a senior studying Technology Engineering and Design Education, learned the benefits of incorporating healthy habits into his lifestyle.

Mason TaylorWhen Taylor entered NC State University in 2015, he weighed about 280 pounds. Now, Taylor weighs in at 190. Due to Taylor’s weight, students picked on him throughout his schooling and, after graduating high school, he decided to make the change to live a healthier lifestyle. As a college student, losing 90 pounds was not easy. Taylor says he incorporates some type of physical activity every day while implementing portion control when eating meals. “I play basketball everyday,” says Taylor. “Whether that be pick-up or intramurals, I take no days off.“

By staying active, Taylor dropped the weight and is feeling more confident about himself. “You have to lose weight for yourself,” explained Taylor. “I enjoy working out because it is a stress reliever for me.”

This semester at NC State, Taylor is enrolled in HESF 237, Weight Training, and is learning the proper way to incorporate weights into his current workout routine. “I come to every class with questions,” said Taylor. “I am trying to learn how to build muscle the right way and I really enjoy the class.”

The course is an additional HES course he added outside of the two required by the University. Taylor looks forward to his Weight Training course and plans to continue using the concepts he learned in class in the future to maintain a healthy lifestyle.