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The Power of the Flower

Students in the Honors and Scholars Programs handed out flowers to raise their fellow students’ spirits on NC State’s last Wellness Day and during finals week.

Sean Deardorff and Tejas Kakade wearing masks, holding flowers in an outdoor setting Play Video
Sean Deardorff and Tejas Kakade

NC State’s students are nearing the finish line of a particularly stressful academic year, and during finals week that stress is amplified even more. That’s why Shaun Deardorff (aerospace engineering ’24) and his friend Tejas Kakade (electrical and computer engineering ’24) decided to organize a random act of kindness that would help spread some cheer. 

On NC State’s last Wellness Day and during spring semester finals, Deardorff and Kakade have been checking in on their fellow students and giving them flowers while they study. 

“With Mental Health Awareness Month now upon us, we went around NC State’s campus to help brighten some people’s days,” Deardorff explained. “And with finals approaching, many are stressed and doubting themselves. We wanted to take this opportunity to do selfless random acts of kindness, seek discomfort, raise morale, and make our campus a better place. You never know who’s having a rough day and how much of a difference you can make in their life by simply doing something extraordinary and nice — and everyone can use a flower.”

Two of their friends in the University Honors and Scholars Programs, Alex Ongstad (computer science ’24) and Claire Sholar (animal science ’24), also helped give out flowers. All of the students are also highly involved in NC State’s Honors and Scholars Village. Deardorff and Kakade filmed the responses from their classmates, and Deardorff edited and published the video on YouTube. 

“As a society, we should normalize that it’s time to start looking out for one another,” Deardorff said. “It’s time to start a positive mental health impact — one that will last forever.”