The Life of a First-Year Adviser

Victoria Larson teaching a class

By Victoria Larson, College Adviser for Southern Wayne High School

Being a first-year adviser, the transition has been a little overwhelming. The days really seem to fly by, especially since I keep myself busy meeting students, planning for future events, and engaging with parents.

After a couple weeks of work, I really found my footing at the school and it’s been smooth sailing since then. The students have been amazing and I love getting to interact with them everyday. They are so excited to have the opportunity to go to college and the fact that they have someone to help them along the way has made an impact. Despite being at the school for such a short period of time, I’ve had several students and parents thank me for being here to help them.

I’m excited to be planning a campus tour to East Carolina University, as well as host College Application Week where students are able to apply to universities for free. Planning these big events takes a lot of time and preparation, but I know the students are just as happy about these events as I am! Most students don’t have any exposure to the larger institutions, nor do they have a way to get there. So being able to take them to a campus is a big deal, especially for those interested in applying there.

College Application Week is also a big deal since a lot of students need those free applications. They also love to feel important and celebrated, so even giving snacks and a pat on the back for applying to college helps give them a feeling of pride.

Being a college adviser isn’t always easy. It takes hard work and dedication to the students. They have so many questions and are eager to learn. I will say that even though it can be hard, the job is well worth it. The work is so rewarding, and seeing students get acceptance letter from a University they never thought possible fills my heart with pride and joy and reminds me why I do what I do.