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A large group of students in front of large concrete ECU letters on ECU campus

May 17, 2021

What COVID Taught Me

Kelly Crabtree, a college advisor for NC State's College Advising Corps, writes about the power of community. 

Memorial Belltower lit up red

May 17, 2021

Determined Advising: Filling in the Cracks

Jared Mathews, a college advisor for NC State's College Advising Corps, writes about staying motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tia Anderson, college adviser for Bunn High in Franklin County, and a colleague unload groceries to donate

Mar 30, 2021

Working Outside the Office

Tia Anderson, college adviser for Bunn High in Franklin County As advisers, our schedules are always fluctuating. We can be super busy one week, and then the next week we may ask ourselves “What can I be doing?” Speaking from my own experience, most days may consist of 8-plus hours in the office by myself.… 

James Kenan College Adviser, Kris McDaniel, and James Kenan Staff tabling an event this year.

Feb 17, 2021

School Staff Spotlight: James Kenan High

College Advising Corps adviser Kris McDaniel writes about the teachers who have gone above and beyond to help their students. 

Staci Knighton, college adviser for North Moore High, helps students complete college applications.

Jan 29, 2021

Coat Yourself In Confidence

Staci Knighton, College Adviser for North Moore High in Moore County, N.C. It’s one thing to give advice to your student, dispensing thoughtful words of wisdomabout life after high school — but try applying those same suggestions to your own life, and it’s not the same. As an adviser, I am my students’ biggest supporter.… 

College advisers in Duplin County, N.C. hosted a drive-in event to help high school students apply for college

Jan 13, 2021

Broken Pipes Can be Repaired

Chris Walls, a college adviser for NC State's College Advising Corps, compares the work of teachers to that of plumbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A graduation cap that reads "My grandparents crossed oceans so I could cross the stage"

Jan 12, 2021

How Being a First-Gen Student Influenced My Advising

Annie Miya, an NC State graduate who now works for the NC State College Advising Corps, writes how her experiences as a first-generation college student inspired her to help others. 

Franklin County college advisers volunteered their time to provide meals to local first responders.

Dec 8, 2020

When College Advising Takes a Back Seat

Ally Pearsall, a college adviser at Franklinton High School, shares some of the additional ways college advisers can help students and the communities they serve during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The bell tower in front of blue skies

Nov 30, 2020

‘Remember the Pep Talk’

College advisor Aliaha Austin writes on the importance of advising work and keeping spirits up during a pandemic. 

Nov 5, 2020

Finishing the FAFSA: Why is it Important?

What is the FAFSA? Why is the FAFSA important? Answering these questions, or variations thereof, is one of my daily tasks. I don’t mind answering it at all, though, because by answering that, we as college advisers have the opportunity to help students gain access to post-secondary education.  FAFSA stands for the Free Application for…