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Student Media Raises Nearly $4,500 from Day of Giving

Thirty-six donors supported Student Media during NC State’s fifth annual Day of Giving.

Left to right: Oscar Codes Bodien, Reilly Witte, Dani Meyer, Jermaine Hudson and Hallie Walker of the Technician photography team documented the Krispy Kreme Challenge on Feb. 4, 2023 at the NC State Memorial Bell Tower.  Donations to the Student Media Enhancement Fund and Technician Century Fund provide leadership development opportunities for the nearly 400 students who work with Student Media. (Photo by Hallie Walker)

NC State Student Media raised nearly $4,500 from 36 donors during NC State’s fifth annual Day of Giving.

The Technician Century Fund, established in 2020 to coincide with the newspaper’s 100th anniversary, saw support from alumni, current students and friends totaling more than $2,700. The fund will also receive an additional $1,500 in matching corporate gifts.

“I’m honored to make my Senior gift to the Technician Century Fund,” fourth-year student Chloe Allen shared with her donation. “It’s just a small act of repayment for the massive impact Technician has had on my life. May Technician live to report for another hundred years.”

The Student Media Enhancement Fund, which supports the entire department, received almost $1,700 in donations. Donor Amanda McKnight Stevens shared this sentiment, “I’m proud to give to the Student Media Enhancement Fund to help support important work, like the Nubian Message. I am, because you are.” Another donor, Harry Nicholos, offered, “I’m always happy to give to WKNC. Being a DJ there in the <ahem> late 70’s gave me some of my fondest memories and some of my closest and longest-lasting friendships!”

Across the entire campus, NC State received 16,744 gifts totaling $34,019,746 from the 2023 Day of Giving.