Stepping into Spring Semester with Fitness Walking

Peter Koutroumpis has taught Fitness Walking for almost five years at NC State University. Students from the 2018 Fall Semester enjoyed their time in the course and learned a lot about the proper form to walking.

“Professor Koutroumpis is thorough about teaching the techniques to us in class,” says Andrea, a senior at NC State. In this course, and other courses, Koutroumpis tries to break down the techniques and information to help students understand the concepts, but also tries to include as much essential information as possible. “Fitness walking is a more complex class than one would normally think and a physical activity class can be challenging for students who are new to fitness and wellness,” says Koutroumpis.

Fitness Walking (HESF 102) is designed to teach and apply the principles of lifetime physical fitness, utilizing the five major components of cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

“Walking is not that much different from running in terms of a cardio-respiratory benefit,” says Koutroumpis. By taking Fitness Walking, students are increasing the efficiency of their cardiovascular system more than they realize.

Each class, students walk from 1.5-2.5 miles, adding up to about 5 miles a week. In addition, students are given a log assignment where they are required to walk on their own and record their distance and times. Walking is a good alternative to running, due to less pressure on a person’s knees and hips. For students, learning the proper techniques to walking it is a good way to continue to stay active and benefit their overall cardio-respiratory system.

Fitness Walking has remained popular every semester for a 100-level fitness course. Some students use the techniques in their day-to-day walking, even allowing them to walk to class faster and more efficiently. The course allows students to socialize with other classmates, resulting in an overall great experience.