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Reserve Your Spot: Apply for Fall 2021 Room Selection

University Housing is accepting applications for Room Selection through Feb. 19 from current residents — and those currently living off campus.

Exterior of Sullivan Hall
Sullivan Hall

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many unprecedented changes to our routines, especially in University Housing. One of the latest changes is the option for all currently enrolled students to participate in Room Selection and complete an application for the fall 2021 semester. Previously, Room Selection was only open to current on-campus residents.

“We didn’t want to penalize students who weren’t comfortable living here in the spring,” explained Katrina Pawvluk, director of administration and occupancy management for University Housing. “So this year, we have amended the process to make sure it includes all of our students and gave everyone the opportunity to return and be a part of our on-campus community in the fall.”

Applications for Room Selection are available on the University Housing portal through February 19. A completed application indicates your interest in living on campus for 2021-22, gives you the opportunity to participate in the Room Selection process between March 10-25 and select a room or apartment. Completing the application does not commit you to housing, nor does it guarantee you a space in housing. However, once you participate in the selection period (see dates below) and select a room or apartment through the online process, you will be guaranteed of, and are committed to, the space you select. 

Room Selection Timeline:

  • January 19:  Housing Selection Application opens for current students
  • February 19: Deadline for current students to complete the 21/22 Room Selection Selection Application
  • March 10: Living Learning Village selections
  • March 12: Graduate student room selection
  • March 12: Returning Wolf Ridge selection
  • March 15-17: Option 1 – Current residents with less than 61 credits
  • March 18-19: Option 2 – Current residents with less than 92 credits
  • March 22-23: Option 3 – Current residents with more than 92 credits
  • March 24-25: Option 4 – Open Selection – students without roommates and off campus students selection; roommate group restriction removed

When selecting a room, you must be able to fill the space you are selecting. For example, if you are planning to select a four-bedroom apartment in Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge, you must have a roommate group of four. If you are selecting a double room, you must have a roommate group of two. If you need to find a roommate or roommates for the fall, stay tuned to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs and University Housing social media accounts to find out about social events and other opportunities this spring.

Pawvluk pointed out that there are many advantages to living on campus, including what she refers to as the three C’s: convenience, connection and community. Studies have also shown that students who live on campus tend to have higher GPAs. 

“When you live on campus, you’re more connected to NC State and you don’t have to drive to access all of our services like our dining halls, libraries, the Student Health Center, the new Wellness and Recreation Center, computer labs, and other places on campus,” Pawvluk said. “Plus, you’re closer to all of your friends, and it’s easier to make new friends and do things together.”

Pawvluk noted that University Housing staff will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and implement any needed safety measures to keep residents and staff healthy this fall. However, hall programming and social opportunities will resume, whether virtual or in person — or both.

“We so value the residential experience that we’ll do whatever we can to preserve it, whatever the fall may look like,” Pawvluk said. “We’re making every effort we can to keep students safe in their residence halls this semester by enforcing the Community Standards and requiring regular testing and cleaning. We don’t know what the fall will look like yet, but we will continue to follow CDC and Student Health Center guidelines and Protect the Pack however we can.”

Learn more about the Room Selection process here, and if you have questions, please contact University Housing at