“Put it Away and Say Hey!”

Written by: Kasey Harris

Did you know, cell phone use could double or even triple the weight of your head, which could lead to neck strain, poor posture, and back issues?

Furthermore, excessive cell phone use can be addicting, have a negative effect on brain function, and hamper your ability to engage and interact in social situations. Not to mention, distractions caused by looking at your phone could leave you vulnerable and create an unsafe environment.

This fall the Department of Health and Exercise Studies (HES) is challenging NC State students to “Put it Away and Say Hey!” This campaign, which launched on August 22, encourages students to put away their phones while walking to class and to say hello to at least five new people.

The campaign encourages students to check back into their surroundings and engage with other members of the Wolfpack community on their way to and from class. HES faculty and student ambassadors will be walking around campus to present prizes to students who are walking and engaging with fellow students rather than looking down at their phones. Students are encouraged to self-report when they have said “hey” to five new people by sharing their experiences on the HES website and on social media using the hashtags #PhoneChallenge, #PutItAway, and #SayHey. Students are also welcome to tag the HES department in posts by including @NCStateHES.

For more information on how limiting distractions caused by cell phone use can lead to a healthier you, check out the TEDTalk presented by a developmental psychologist, Susan Pinker. If you are interested in learning more about the “Put it Away and Say Hey!” challenge, please contact Dr. Kari Lewis in the HES department.