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Osburn Honored for Suicide Prevention Programming

The Association of University and College Counseling Center (AUCCCD) has awarded Monica Osburn their Media Award to recognize her national contribution to campus mental health. The award recognizes and honors Osburn for her and the NC State Counseling Center’s Emmy-Award winning video “#StopTheStigma” on suicide prevention.

The Stop the Stigma program was developed by Counseling Center counselors to raise awareness of mental health issues on NC State’s campus, to help students understand how common these issues are, and to help every student benefit from the treatment available at NC State and in the larger community.

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AUCCCD is the largest organization of campus mental health leaders in the world. Each year, AUCCCD recognizes member achievements that exemplify excellence in the promotion of campus mental health. The award is a national recognition and highlights not only Dr. Osburn’s contribution nationally, but is a significant recognition of Dr. Osburn as a national leader from your campus.