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NC State Triage Counselor Recognized for International Leadership

Leading the Pack on the international stage, NC State Triage Counselor Beth Glueck earns the NC State Office of Global Engagement’s “Recognition for Leadership in International Education”

The recognition honors and celebrates her outstanding contributions to global initiatives and the internationalization of NC State.

A key component of NC State’s Think and Do ideal is to solve global challenges, this means our students need to have a strong academic footprint on the international stage. Study abroad opportunities help to facility this; however, challenging students in an unfamiliar environment can lead to undue stress. That’s where Dr. Glueck’s work comes into play.


NC State Triage Counselor

In March 2017, Dr. Glueck went above and beyond by traveling to Prague, Czech Republic for the inaugural Faculty Global Symposium at the NC State Prague Institute.  One of only 13 faculty and staff members selected to go to the week-long program, Dr. Glueck played a key role – having experience with the mental health challenges students may face in relation to their overall well-being. Her research examined the mental health and wellness needs of NC State students who are studying abroad at the Prague Institute.

Dr. Glueck’s contributions, as well as the connections made in Prague, have helped ensure NC State students have a healthy and safe experience abroad. These contributions make her the unanimous choice by the members of NC State’s Office of Global Engagement for this recognition.

The awards will be presented by Provost Arden at the Global Engagement Exposition on Tuesday, April 24, at 11:00-1:00 in the Talley Student Center Ballrooms.