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NC State Bowls Its Way to the Top of Collegiate Cricket

NC State Cricket

By: Remi Oswald ‘19, communication

Involvement in sports has been a significant part of communities across the world for over thousands of years. It describes any and all physical activity, in both competitive and noncompetitive forms. There are many different types of team sports that have been popularized and presented through the media, such as professional basketball, football and soccer. Despite the abundance of sports broadcast nationwide, there are a number of sports that do not have the same visibility, for example, cricket.

Cricket is a competitive team sport that involves bat-and-ball action, similar to a pitcher and a batter in baseball . The team is made up of eleven players. This sport was first played in Southeast England, and has successfully been recreated in countries such as Australia, India and Pakistan. Despite the lack of knowledge and awareness of cricket in America, NC State has begun to lead the way for collegiate cricket across the country.

NC State Cricket

Over the past decade, NC State has shown an interest in cricket through the establishment of the NC State Cricket Club and intramural sports cricket leagues. To support the cricket movement across campus, Wellness and Recreation have provided a new and unique series of cricket facilities on campus. Located on Centennial Campus, there are two brand new pitches positioned side-by-side. To create a facility similar to a batting cage, there are walls surrounding each pitch.

NC State is one of the only universities that is doing a lot for cricket, from facilities and an intramural standpoint.

Nelson Santiago
Coordinator, Sports Programs

Due to the university’s leading efforts in cricket, NC State received a grant from the National Intramural Sports Association (NIRSA). In support of the sport, the university intends to use these funds to further educate students on cricket. The brand new practice pitches are the result of the grant.

“No other university in the country has practice pitches,” said Santiago.

A major contributor to the cricket community on campus is the NC State Cricket Club. After the practice pitches were finished last year, the cricket club was fortunate enough to hold their team practices on the new pitches. “The new batting cages have been a really good addition for us, as students especially. It means we can go after classes and practice without having to leave campus,” said Prit Patel ‘21. The new facilities are not only positively impacted our own, but they are also creating new opportunities for cricket in surrounding communities.

The new facilities are a symbol of the amount of support that NC State has shown us, which is really nice.

Rishi Mody ‘19

Alongside the established cricket club, NC State also offers cricket as an intramural sport. The league features a 5-week season that is open to any and all students. It is composed with the basic composition of cricket and is a great opportunity for anyone interested in trying the sport.

NC State Cricket

“Cricket is a team-building sport. Everyone is involved equally.”[It] creates a great team environment, where you can develop and learn new skills related to the second most popular sport in the world,” said Patel.

All students are welcome and encouraged to contact the NC State Cricket Club with any questions they have.