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Health and Wellness

Introducing Ride With HES

The Department of Health and Exercise Studies has developed a new tool to help outdoor runners and walkers find the best routes on and around campus.

A jogger in a red shirt on a wooded trail

Navigating NC State’s massive Main Campus can be a challenge. It can be even more challenging for fitness runners and walkers to find safe routes and avoid large crowds of people and traffic on busy roads.

That’s why NC State’s Department of Health and Exercise Studies (HES) in the University College has created Ride With HES. The department uses the RidewithGPS app to develop running and walking routes around campus to support students and the university community with options when exploring outdoor cardiorespiratory workouts.

The routes include a starting point at the Wellness and Recreation Center parking lot and Greenway, the total distance of the course, a cue sheet identifying course directions, and emergency blue phone locations. Users can send routes on the website directly to their phones for directions and additional information.

Randall Bechtolt, senior lecturer for HES, has led the development of this new tool.

“The running and walking routes using RidewithGPS was a thought after several students asked about locations to run around the campus area,” Bechtolt said. “To provide a service to our students and the campus community, the thought was to develop routes with a variety of distances that were, one, out-and-back, or two, loop from the Carmichael Wellness Center.”

Bechtolt noted that a discussion is also underway to expand the service to include routes on Centennial Campus. Learn more about Ride With HES at