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Instagram Advising

By Christian Moorer, college adviser for West Bladen High School in Bladen County, N.C.

Sometimes it feels like a generation has passed from the time you graduated high school to graduating from college. Stepping back into the high school space, some may find themselves “socially distanced” from their students…and not in a good COVID-19 prevention way. 

In order to reach the most students, you have to figure out what they like and the mediums that they use on a daily basis. And what would that be for high school aged students? *Drumroll* Instagram! A study by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago found that 76 percent of American teenagers use instagram. 

Especially since my school is operating in the virtual space this year, I found it really important to find ways to interact with them online. Students get tired of looking at Google classrooms all day long, so I didn’t want to flood them with more long informational posts because who actually enjoys reading, you know? 

Using my prior (not vast) knowledge of basic video editing and creativity, I decided to create a series called T.E.D. Talks (Tackling Educational Discussions). Inspired by the short videos produced by TED, these videos are designed to be quick informational videos about the college process and experience. Instead of reading a boring post about how to apply for college, students can watch a quick 3-10 minute video as it comes across their timeline. The videos are designed to be fun and easy to listen to. 

The first video, giving an overview of the “college process,” is a part of the “Where do I Start?” series. This series will explore topics such as registering and preparing for the SAT/ACT, navigating FAFSA, and finding scholarships. In the Spring, I will be introducing the “On the Yard” series, where students will get an inside look at life on a college campus!

Videos are also posted on YouTube and shared through Google Classroom for those students who do not have instagram accounts. The videos are public, and not just limited to WBHS! So, feel free to share with students you know who are interested in continuing education after high school!

Oh yeah, go ahead and follow me on Instagram! @knights2college 


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