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How You Can Help Academic and Student Affairs this Day of Giving

This Wednesday, March 23, you can give to 48 different funds that directly support NC State students in areas ranging from food and housing assistance to music and arts scholarships. 

Red cutout in the shape of a wolf in front of Talley Student Union

On Wednesday, March 23, NC State will host its fourth Day of Giving. The Division of Academic and Student Affairs will once again participate in this celebration of philanthropy and all things NC State, and will look to build off of the incredible support it has received over the past events. 

Last year, Academic and Student Affairs received more gifts than any other NC State college or unit. In addition to their gifts, alumni, faculty and staff, parents and students also helped the division win seven hourly social media challenges on the day. Some of the funds that received the most donations on the day were the Student Emergency Fund, the Arts Enhancement Fund, Feed the Pack Food Pantry, the Gregg Museum Enhancement Fund and the Music Enhancement Fund. 

New Goals for 2022

This year, Academic and Student Affairs hopes to surpass last year’s number of total gifts and receive 2,255-plus gifts. The division is also sponsoring two special gift match challenges:

In addition to these specific giving challenges for the division, donors as well as those who are unable to make monetary donations can help the division win additional funding through social media challenges across the university. Some of the hourly challenges on the day include:

  • Most Student Gifts Challenge (at noon and at 3 p.m.)
  • #GivingPack Hashtag Match Challenge (Twitter only): All day until 600 tweets are sent and the $6,000 threshold is reached.
  • Mad Libs Challenge (all day): $1,000 for each of seven winners.
  • Where’s Mr. Wuf Scavenger Hunt (Twitter and Instagram): $400 for each of five winners

Getting Students Involved

Students are also encouraged to join in on the fun! Even for those who are unable to make a monetary donation, the social media challenges are a great way to raise money for student organizations, support programs and other departments in Academic and Student Affairs. Students can also serve as Day of Giving Ambassadors and simply help spread the word via social media. 

There is also an in-person student event this year on Day of Giving this Wednesday, March 23, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Talley Student Union in the Mountains Ballroom, located on the 3rd floor at the top of the central staircase. At the event, students can enjoy games as well as get free food and NC State gear. There will also be plenty of opportunities for students to help their favorite units across the university earn extra funding. 

Learn more about NC State’s 2022 Day of Giving here, and check out all 48 funds in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs here.