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Honors Forum Presents: Sylvia Milo

The playwright, star, and producer of "The Other Mozart" is the featured speaker for the University Honors Program Forum on February 20.

By Meghan Teten

All students, staff and faculty are welcome (even if you are not enrolled in Honors Forum this semester) to join the University Honors Program (UHP) as, in grateful partnership with Arts NC State, they host award-winning theatre artist, playwright and actress, Sylvia Milo.

The Other Mozart, which Milo will be performing on campus later in the week, is the true story about Amadeus Mozart’s equally talented and famous sister in her time, Nannerl, a prodigy, keyboard virtuoso and composer whose story has been all but forgotten. Milo performs the entire play in a beautiful 18-foot dress, designed to fill and spill over its original performance stage.

Sylvia Milo is also a violinist and composer.

You can learn more about Sylvia Milo at

Sylvia will be performing “The Other Mozart” in Titmus Theater on Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18. Buy tickets (student tickets are $8) and learn more about the performance at NC State LIVE’s webpage.