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HES Students Aim for Success

Four archery students from the Health and Exercise Department participated in a 3D Archery tournament at the Neuse River Bowhunters Club.

Sean Greene, Sundar Rajan, Pinakin Abhyankar, and Jake Page were led by Darrin DeReu, a senior lecturer in the department. The club is part of the Central Carolina Archery Association. The CCAA is currently comprised of five different archery clubs surrounding the Raleigh area.

3D Archery is similar to golf in that archers walk a course in fields and/or woods and shoot from marked spots. The archers move from station to station and are required to make shots from varying distances and settings.  Archers must deal with shadows, varying light, uneven terrain, and obstacles such as trees.  Each target is a 3-dimensional foam target that looks like various game animals, deer, bears, antelope, etc.  Archers are allowed a single shot and points are earned by hitting various scoring rings on the target.

Congrats to the students who participated in the tournament! For more information about taking Archery at NC State, visit our website at