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HES Student Spotlight: Sports Science with Lauren Muir

Lauren Muir ‘21 reflects on the impact that NC State’s sports science minor has had on her academic career and plans for her future.

Lauren Muir in the gym at Orangetheory Fitness
Lauren Muir in the gym at Orangetheory Fitness, where she works as a fitness coach

By Eliza Barsanti

Lauren Muir ‘21 had been interested in sports for a long time, but when she found that NC State didn’t have an exercise science major, she wasn’t sure how to put that interest into practice. Then, she found the sports science minor, and realized that in conjunction with her biological science major, a minor in sports science would prepare her for a plethora of sports-related careers. 

“I thought that sports science, in combination with my human biology major would give me a very well rounded education to prepare me for a great number of paths post graduation,” she explained.

Muir describes how her experience in the sports science minor has since become an integral part of her academic and career paths. 

“The classes I’ve taken as a sports science minor have been some of my favorites at NC State, and the sports science practicum experience has been an incredible opportunity to actually apply information I’ve learned in the classroom!”

Outside of school, Muir is a fitness coach at Orangetheory Fitness, a popular fitness center with locations nationwide. She was able to make her coaching a part of her sports science practicum. 

After building up a wealth of knowledge and experience here at NC State, Muir plans to attend graduate school for a master’s degree in physical therapy, strength conditioning or sports nutrition.

“I am confident that minoring in sports science gave me education and opportunities that have equipped me for many different possibilities for a career in the field of exercise science,” she said. 

When asked if she would recommend the minor to other students with similar interests, Muir didn’t miss a beat.

“I would definitely encourage anyone who is passionate about anatomy, movement science and/or fitness to seriously consider minoring in sports science,” she noted. 

Muir’s story shows that students interested in sports and the science of movement should look to the sports science minor at NC State to make those interests part of their academic journeys! For more information about the sports science minor, and the courses that Lauren mentioned in this interview, visit the Department of Health and Exercise Studies website.