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Fyfe Publishes Article on Writing with AI

University Honors and Scholars Program instructor publishes findings from class experiment.

Paul Fyfe
Paul Fyfe

Paul Fyfe, associate professor for the Department of English, recently published an article on writing with AI in AI & Society (2022). The article is entitled “How to Cheat on Your Final Paper: Assigning AI for Student Writing.”

In addition to his role in the English department, Fyfe teaches the HON seminar, HON 202: Data and the Human. In fact, the article was inspired by an activity Fyfe conducted with his students in this course. As part of a class experiment, Fyfe assigned his students to “cheat” on their final class essay by requiring their use of text-generating AI software. For the assignment, students harvested content from an installation of GPT-2, then wove that content into their final essay. At the end, students offered a “revealed” version of the essay as well as their own reflections on the experiment. Read Fyfe’s entire article on the University Libraries website: