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Finding Your Place in the Pack

Here are 10 ways new and transfer students can get involved, make friends and develop their leadership and career skills at NC State.

Students pass through the Free Expression Tunnel on the way to class

By Naz Santiago

Every year, thousands of new students and hundreds of transfer students choose to continue their education at NC State. At first, navigating a new environment and finding ways to connect with surroundings and people can be a challenge, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’ve compiled some ways transfer students can find their place in the Wolfpack.

Here are 10 tips to help you adjust to life at NC State:

Live on campus or join a Living and Learning Village

Living on campus, and especially joining a Living and Learning Village, are good ways to engage with inclusive communities and learn with people who share similar passions. There’s even a village — Transfer Connections — that’s specifically for transfer students! Living and Learning communities help students balance their academic and social lives by providing them with a space where they can learn and socialize all at once. Learn more here.

Get a job with on campus

Make earning money a good experience by getting an on-campus job or internship. Working on campus is convenient and can also be a way to connect with your fellow students and the NC State community through your work. It also gives you flexibility to balance your work and academic schedules. Some of the biggest employers are Wellness and Recreation, Campus Dining and University Housing. With University Housing, you can become a village mentor, community assistant coordinator or resident advisor, which are great ways to connect with your residential community and create a welcoming environment for other students. All of these roles creatively promote the engagement of residents in programs and activities. It’s also a good way to build your resume and develop your leadership skills. A few other benefits to being an RA are that you get housing credit, a meal plan and a room to yourself! Use the Career Development Center’s e-Pack website and check individual department pages for student job and internship postings.

Join clubs and organizations

What better way to get involved than to join one of the 600-plus different clubs and organizations around campus? This is a great way to connect with peers who have similar interests and to make the best out of your time in college by participating in different activities that help with personal, academic and professional development. Check the Get Involved website to browse all the groups and opportunities.

Join a fitness group, intramural sports or other Wellness and Recreation programs

NC State Wellness and Recreation offers state-of-the-art gym equipment and multiple fitness groups and classes to help you stay active and reach your fitness goals. It’s also filled with opportunities to develop various skills, whether it be recreational or essential skills such as swimming, biking, hiking, etc. There are also intramural sports and fitness groups that can help you stay fit while meeting new people. There’s an Outdoor Adventures program too, which offers opportunities for students to explore, take trips and learn life skills while connecting with other students. Take advantage of the opportunities that Wellness and Recreation offers and learn wall climbing basics or sign up for an adventure trip. Check out all of your options here.

Join a fraternity or sorority

Another way to make deep connections with peers and get involved is by joining Greek organizations. Fraternity and sorority membership helps students balance their academic and social life as well as build and boost their resumes with leadership and service opportunities, helping them become more well-rounded individuals. Learn more here. 

Visit the Campus Community Centers 

The four Campus Community Centers at NC State include the African American Cultural Center, the Women’s Center, Multicultural Student Affairs and the GLBT Center. The Campus Community Centers provide a safe space and support for students in marginalized communities and help them throughout their time at NC State in order for them to succeed. Getting involved with the centers is a great way to find a sense of belonging and to help other students do the same. Learn more about the Campus Community Centers here.

Get involved with NC State Student Media

There are six student-led media outlets at NC State. These organizations provide students an outlet for self-expression while also getting valuable experience in journalism and media. Joining NC State’s Student Media groups is a great way to use your voice to inform and educate others about important issues and be “in the know” about everything going on around campus. Check out our Student Media groups here.

Attend campus events

One of the best ways to get involved at NC State is just to show up to the many campus events happening on campus each day! There are plenty of opportunities to socialize, listen to live music, cheer for your favorite Wolfpack sports team, exercise your creativity and more. Find out about all of the fun things happening on campus by checking out the university calendar. 

Visit the Career Development Center

Getting involved around campus sometimes means having to invest time into your future; that’s why it’s important to network and prepare professionally. The Career Development Center offers opportunities for students to develop their networking, interviewing and resume building skills. Sign up for mock interviews or attend workshops where you can fine-tune your LinkedIn profile. You can also find out about workshops by visiting the Career Development Center website and e-Pack.

Conduct Research 

The Office of Undergraduate Research at NC State is a great resource to connect students with research and creative opportunities. They also give grants to support your work! Research participation is open to all disciplines and you get the chance to work under experienced mentors. You can learn more about getting started with research by visiting the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

This is by no means an exhaustive list! Follow @ncstatedasa on social media for even more ways to meet people and grow your Wolfpack network.