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Encouraging Students to Realize and Fulfill Their Full Potential

By Staci Knighton, College Adviser for North Moore High in Moore County

Everyone wants someone to be there for them.

North Moore high school is full of encouragement with the primary focus being on the students. The confidence the students receive is consistent.

Every morning after announcements the principal says, “Everyone, have a good day. Keep smiling.” The faculty and staff are so intentional about their relationship with the students. These students only know what they have seen and they haven’t been exposed to a lot. They are taught of things they have yet to see but they don’t see it as a possibility for them. They are unaware of their own strengths. It’s amazing when working with a student who is unaware of the things they can accomplish.

For these students, hearing any kind of encouragement can change their whole mindset.

For example, I have a student who is an unbelievable artist who describes their work as “alright.” This student told me they aspired to become an architect or civil engineer but didn’t see a four-year college as an option because of some personal obstacles.

So many people could see something in this student they couldn’t see in themselves. The principal, counselor, art teacher, history teacher, soccer coach and myself. Everywhere this student went throughout the day they were getting some kind of boost. The words of encouragement would range from retaking the ACT or working on their art portfolio, to a good luck in the soccer game.

When College Application Week came around, I gave the student a list of colleges and they circled nine colleges they wanted to apply to and they did. Not only were they seeing a four-year college as an opportunity but they also showcased some of their artwork for the public to see. The growth in confidence the student gained was unbelievable.

The growth in confidence the student gained was unbelievable.

This is just one example of how constant words of encouragement can alter someone’s thoughts. All the students here receive this type of support because they are all working towards something. The students are so hard on themselves and don’t see small progressions as a big deal, but those little victories are voiced here.

The faculty and staff not only uplift the students but they encourage the students to support each other. Telling the students they are capable of doing something is mind-blowing to them. They just need someone to believe in them.

At North Moore high school everyone has someone who is there for them.