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Dr. Tyler-Walker to be President of the American College Counseling Association

NC State Counseling Center Assistant Director Richard Tyler-Walker is taking on another leadership role, championing the university’s “Think and Do” ideals as the president-elect of the American College Counseling Association.

“I am proud to work at NC State where our administration clearly recognizes the role we serve and continues to dedicate resources to help students in need,” said Dr. Tyler-Walker, “This opportunity allows my personal and professional passions to combine and grow my skills as a leader. ”

Dr. Richard Tyler-Walker, NC State Counseling Center Assistant Director

Counseling centers at colleges and universities across the nation are seeing an increase in the number of students seeking their services. It was believed this increase coincided with the uptick in overall university enrollment, but a recent report offered some alarming results.

The Center for Collegiate Mental Health found the need for student counseling is increasing by more than five times the rate of overall enrollment. That means students are seeking university counseling more and more each year.

“This field has grown and changed so much in the past decade,” said Dr. Tyler-Walker, “[we] face an ever-increasing demand to be a resource for students.”

Being a licensed professional counselor since 1996, Dr. Tyler-Walker says this new position as president of the American College Counseling Association will allow him to continue to build on the hard work of leaders before him. He hopes to advance the conversation about the needs for resources and comprehensive counseling centers everywhere.

“I also want to simply express appreciation and say ‘thank you’. I feel the support I received in order to pursue this opportunity is an excellent example of NC State’s Division of Academic and Student Affairs’ commitment to the professional growth of our staff,” said Dr. Tyler-Walker.

Counseling Center

The NC State Counseling Center provides counseling services on a range of topics such as personal, academic, career, veteran, and many more. The center aims to listen to the needs of students and help them reach a solution in a non-judgemental environment.

“Our team in the Counseling Center at NC State, under the leadership of Dr. Monica Osburn, is providing innovation and services that benefit our students and also serve as a model for others,” said Dr. Tyler-Walker