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Congratulations to our Graduates!

Students graduating this semester.


The time has come for us to wish you well on the next step of your journey. As you look back on all you have accomplished in college, we hope you remember your time in the University Honors or University Scholars Program fondly. As you look forward over the horizon, we urge you to take all that you’ve learned through your experiences with us and remain an active, engaged, and inquisitive leader in the fields you will soon enter. Continue to make us proud and stay in touch!
Best of luck in all your future endeavors!
~The Staff of the University Honors and University Scholars Programs
This semester’s graduates include:

Sofia Abdo

Aditi Dholakia

Anna Keyser

Daniel Schaffer

Jacob Alfieri

John Dinkins

Kurtis Konrad

Michael Schnatter

Asha Anand

Joey Diserafino

Samantha Labertew

Kati Scruggs

Alex Arldt

Shawnak Doshi

Ashley Lawson

Anna Sidoti

Elizabeth Atkins

Joseph Farley

Tammy Le

Mikayla Slomski

Louis Bailey

Ryan Farley

Nick Loschin

Anna Smith

Connor Battershall

Brendan Gallagher

Joseph Magraw

Laura Tatlock

Matthew Bennison

Alysa Galleshaw

Lauren Murphy

Maggie Thompson

Hailey Bramley

Lin Ge

Rachel Nagley

Catie Tovey

Laura Bryant

Christopher Gebbia

Kaitlin Owens

Julia Treis

Robert Bullard

Connor Hall

Alisha Palekar

Sophie Tushak

Gayle Bussell

Courtney Hamilton

Michael Parisher

Mike Tyrrell

Christian Capobianco

Farah Hamouda

Liam Pennington

Samantha Walsh

Colleen Carroll

John Hasty

Emily Pierce

Mengyu Yuan

Brittany Cody

Celia Herring

Carly Rader

Palak Desai

Christy Johnson

Morgan Santalucia