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Inclusion and Well-Being

Wolfpack Pick Up Program Changes Gears for 2020-21

The Wolfpack Pick Up Program helps students, faculty, and staff with disabilities or injuries get around Main Campus.

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When Brock Derrow broke her collarbone during her first semester of college, she quickly realized that it was extremely difficult to carry a backpack while also wearing a sling. Thanks to the Wolfpack Pick Up Program, though, she didn’t have to wonder how she would get to class, go to the library, or even get meals at campus dining facilities. All she had to do was schedule a ride in one of those red and white golf carts. 

That experience was actually what motivated Derrow to become a driver for the program herself, and now she’s getting to help other students, faculty, staff, and campus guests with disabilities or physical injuries get around campus.

“I think the most rewarding part of Wolfpack Pick Up is knowing that we are doing something great for the NC State community and for those who need assistance getting across our huge campus,” Derrow said. “I really enjoy getting to meet new people every day and getting to know them on a more personal level. Also, driving golf carts around our campus is super fun!”

Derrow, who is now a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish, is entering her second year with the program. In addition to being a veteran driver for the Wolfpack Pick Up Program, she is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and the VOLAR Spanish club. However, being a Wolfpack Pick Up driver has been one of her most impactful experiences at NC State so far.

Brock Derrow in her red golf cart
Brock Derrow in her Wolfpack Pick Up golf cart

“This opportunity has enhanced my overall experience at NC State in so many ways,” Derrow said. “I am able to learn how to navigate campus better, get to know different people in our community, and feel much more connected to our Wolfpack as a student driver. Some people dread coming to their jobs, but I can honestly say that when I wake up I am excited to come to work. Wolfpack Pick Up has changed my experience at NC State for the better and is one of the reasons I was so excited to come back to campus this year, even with all the uncertainties of COVID-19.”

Derrow and other drivers for the Wolfpack Pickup Program are taking extra precautions this year, and there are some new responsibilities in their job descriptions as part of the Protect the Pack initiative. Drivers are sanitizing and cleaning their golf carts before and after each ride and each shift, and, like everyone else on campus, are required to wear masks at all times. As an added safety measure, riders are asked to sit in the back seat of the golf carts, and a plexiglass barrier separates them from the driver. Each cart is also equipped with extra masks in case riders forget to bring theirs, and drivers will distribute them to any unmasked people they see on campus during their shifts as well. 

More About the Wolfpack Pick Up Program

How do I schedule a ride?

Use to schedule or change/cancel a ride.

Who can use it? 

Students, faculty, staff, and other approved guests at NC State.

Where can I go?

Anywhere on NC State’s Main Campus! The most popular destinations are academic buildings/classes, dining halls, student centers, D.H. Hill Library, the Student Health Center, and residence halls. 

Does it cost anything to use? 

No, all rides are free. Wolfpack Pick Up is supported by student fee dollars, North State Bank, and the NC State University Foundation.

How is it different this year with COVID-19?

  • Limit to one passenger at a time, no exceptions.
  • Passengers must ride in the back and wear a mask, no exceptions.
  • Drivers must wipe down all areas of the cart between rides.
  • Drivers must wipe down areas of the cart including, keys, steering wheel, seat, etc. after each shift ends.
  • Rides will be spaced out to allow for thorough cleanings between each ride.

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