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Updates on the Way for Campus Advising System

Written By: Abigail Ayers

On December 14, 2018, NC State will release an update to its campus-wide advising platform: Student Success GPS.

The update will help break down silos by introducing new functions like Coordinated Care Units, while keeping the same interface advisors and students are familiar with. Other new features include more customized configurations for locations (colleges or programs) and increased uniformity in Location names. The update will also help to make setting appointments for students and advisors easier by providing simplified appointment reports, streamlining appointment reasoning, and changes to the availability and appointment constraints.

Users will need to take action regarding these new features once the update rolls out on December 14, 2018. Users will need to log into GPS and check their availability settings. Due to changes with the appointment reasons, users may need to update their settings.

Users interested in testing out the system prior to the updates launch can log into the Training Environment. Please keep in mind, this is not a live environment and can serve as your platform to test all the new and existing features without fear of making a mistake.

Get started using GPS today by visiting the Student Success GPS website, or sign up for a training on Reporter. Demo sessions will be available for those interested in viewing the changes to the GPS system:

  • November 26, 3pm, Talley Student Union- Room 3285  
  • November 29, 9am, Talley Student Union- Room 3210

To see a full breakdown of the new features and the actions you need to make, please visit the GPS website.

More About Student Success GPS

GPS launched in 2015 with a commitment to improve advising services through analytics and workflow functionality. It promotes continuity of care through proactive

advising and identification of students in need of additional support. GPS incorporates our Student Information System (SIS) database with predictive analytics to improve student interactions with advisors and campus partners. The system increases the functionality of advising services including data analytics and tutoring, improving the overall experience.

NC State operates with a decentralized advising model, which increases the importance of working to identify effective mechanisms of coordinating and streamlining services such as academic advising, tutoring, and many other resources.  

GPS offers centralized advising notes and reporting systems to keep a record of student activity in advising and tutoring. This simplifies communications among advisors, faculty, and campus staff. Advisors can use analytics, advanced searches, and appointment campaigns to proactively identify students who need additional support. Access to these time-saving technologies allows campus advisors to focus their efforts on improving student success.

Student Success GPS also makes advising appointments, from front-desk operations to student scheduling, more efficient for everyone. For students, the benefit of using GPS includes easy appointment scheduling for advising, tutoring, and campus resources. This helps to encourage more students to utilize the many resources available to them.