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Top 5 Reasons to Follow Us on Twitter

DASA Tech is tweeting! Check us out at Here are the top 5 reasons to follow us:

  1. Stay in the loop on tech updates that impact operations in DASA units. This can be particularly helpful when there is email funkiness and you are wondering if it’s just you or the whole campus seeing unusual activity.
  2. Get helpful tips and tricks that will enhance your “Tech IQ” and your productivity.
  3. Unleash your “internal geek” by reading the great articles and other techie material we push your way.
  4. Connect with others in DASA and across campus.
  5. Improve your understanding of social media and how it is used and its potential in serving our students.

Even if you aren’t on Twitter yet, consider joining up and following @NCStateDASATech, @NCState_DASA, @NCSU_MikeMullen, and the many other units and people across the division and campus who have good stuff to share. Signing up is easy.

We’re developing a social media directory for DASA, so be on the lookout for an announcement about that soon.