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Thought and Done: DASA year-end celebration and awards ceremony

On April 30, 2015, DASA employees celebrated an eventful year, culminating with an awards presentation highlighting our best and brightest. The award categories and recipients are as follows:

Wolf Walks Competition

Top 5 Teams: Competitive Division

5.  Counseling Center Walks: 56,945
4.  DASA Varsity Walking Team: 64,283
3.  ASPSA: 67,041
2.  Healthy Howlers: 69,920
1.  #East Campus Rocks: 71,556

Top 5 Teams: Professional Division

5.  HES 3: 72,741
4.  HES 4: 76,224
3.  HES 2: 84,866
2.  UREC Guys: 87,441
1.  HES 1: 98,760

Top 3 Individuals: Professional Division

3.  Randy Bechtolt, HES 3, with 1,126,633 total steps
2.  Peggy Domingue, HES 4, with 1,147,075 total steps
1.  Renee Harrington, HES 1, with 1,788,644 total steps

Top 3 Individuals: Competitive Division

3.  Anthony Bennett from ASPSA, with 948,790 total steps
2.  Kasey Harris from DASA Varsity Walking Team with 1,080,081 total steps
1.  Brian Peters from #EastCampusRocks, with 1,143,931 total steps

Most Improved Participant

Shelly Brown Dobek, Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Social Media Award


Pride of the Wolfpack Award

The Pride of the Wolfpack Award is a “spot award” designed to recognize individual employees for a special or unique contribution to their college or unit or to the campus community.

  • Bryan Botts – University Housing
  • Grace Finkle – Counseling Center
  • Sean Fokes – Campus Life Facilities
  • Logann Graham – Music
  • Pennie Graham – University Housing
  • Jenna Hartwell – Career Development Center
  • David Jones – University Theater
  • Michelle Koehler – First Year College
  • Dawn Morgan – CSLEPS
  • Sharon Neal – Student Health Services
  • Gail Owens – University Housing
  • Victoria Silvestri – First Year College
  • Yvette Thompson – Quality Enhancement Plan
  • Katie Walston – DASA Central Office
  • Carmen White – Academic Programs and Services
  • Lori Wilson – New Student Programs

DASA Outstanding Teaching Awards

Every year, the Alumni Association honors faculty who excel in the classroom, laboratory and in the field. This year, 26 faculty members received recognition during an awards ceremony designed to celebrate faculty dedication to NC State’s core values—teaching, research and extension.  Our DASA finalists are nominated by their departments or programs, complete an extensive dossier much like a promotion dossier, and receive letters of support from peers and students.

Finalists this year from DASA include:

  • Keith P. Howard – HES
  • Jonathan Kramer – Music
  • Autumn Mist Belk – HES

The DASA Outstanding Teacher of the Year recipient:

  • Autumn Mist Belk – HES

DASA Awards for Excellence

This award is to recognize employees who make a significant contribution to their department, division, the university community, or the lives of others.

The nominees:

  • Dwayne Barnes – University Honors Program
  • Bryan Botts – University Housing
  • Donna Burton – First Year College
  • Erin Champion – Environmental Sciences
  • Cameron Hill – New Student Programs
  • Justine Hollingshead – DASA Central Office
  • Mitzi Horton – Greek
  • Arleen Justick – Student Health Services
  • Jimmy Ledbetter – Naval ROTC
  • Elizabeth Miller – Student Health Services
  • Jennifer Siegel – Crafts Center
  • Mark Tulbert – Center Stage
  • Sabina Vermeulen – Disability Student Services
  • Katie Walston – DASA Central Office

The recipients:

  • Mark Tulbert from Center Stage
  • Dwayne Barnes from the University Honors Program
  • Justine Hollingshead from the DASA Central Office

Read more about the Award for Excellence winners here.

Congratulations to all of our 2014-2015 award recipients!