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The Best Study Spots at NC State, 2022 Edition

Check out the best places to study on Main and Centennial campuses, according to tutors and supplemental instructors in the Academic Success Center.

Silhouette of a student studying by a large window with NC State logos along the bottom

In 2019, we compiled a list of the Best Study Spots at NC State according to Reddit and Google reviews. Since final exams are coming up once again, we thought it was time to revisit the topic and gather feedback from another source: the tutors and supplemental instructors (SIs) in the Academic Success Center (ASC)!

Here are the places they recommend and why:

Hill Library

The Hill Library and brickyard on main campus at night/dusk. Photo by Marc Hall

There might be just a hint of bias, since the Academic Success Center is located inside this building, but the top-recommended study spot by our tutors and SIs is Hill Library. Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to work alone or if you prefer the company of your friends, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

According to our experts, the best places in Hill are the Learning Commons, the book stacks on the upper floors, the Fish Bowl Forum, the Academic Success Center (of course), the computer labs, the Graduate Student Lounge and the quiet rooms.

Two students write on a transparent marker board in Hill Library
Undergraduate students brainstorm on a transparent board in Hill library.

Here’s why they recommend Hill Library:

  • “I love the quiet spaces in the library and being around other students. I also like the environment in the coffee shops.”
  • “It is very quiet with cozy single spots. The books give a warm vibe.”
  • “The stacks are nice and quiet, which makes it easier to focus, while the first floor has the right amount of white noise.”
  • “[The Fish Bowl Forum has] proximity to coffee and I like the booths they have along the wall.”
  • “I like the open space of tables, armchairs are a good spot to do reading, and I love the whiteboard tables in the ASC!”
  • “I enjoy [the 4th floor of Hill] because of the double monitor stations, which allow me to be more efficient in my studies and work.”
  • “[In the book stacks] I like that I can look outside at the city of Raleigh and it’s a really quiet spot.”

Hunt Library

Hunt Library in front of a blue sky
Fall colors appear in October around the Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.

The library on Centennial Campus was another popular suggestion from our friends in the ASC. In addition to its modern architecture, scenic views and awesome book bot, there are lots of reasons to love Hunt Library. The top-recommend places by our tutors and SIs are the top floor window seats and the reading rooms.

Two students sit in chairs at a table by a large window
Students brainstorm and collaborate in Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.

Here’s why our tutors and SIs love Hunt Library:

  • “I love the whiteboard tables, the coffee shop and the portable outlets.” 
  • “The window seats at Hunt create a really tranquil spot for me where I can study while also enjoying the view from the windows.”
  • “The top floor of Hunt Library has large quiet open spaces for concentration.”

Your apartment or residence hall

Another of the more obvious places to study is in your room or in the common areas in your residence hall or apartment. Comfort — as well as peace and quiet — is key when working in these spaces, as noted by our experts:

  • “It’s socially acceptable to wear your pjs, and being comfortable is how I study best.”
  • ​​”My apartment is nice and quiet.”

Talley Student Union

Students walk through the main lobby of Talley Student Union
Students walk through Talley Student Union for the first day of classes at the start of the fall 2022 semester.

If you enjoy people-watching, close access to food and Howling Cow ice cream, and being in a central location convenient for meeting your study groups, Talley Student Union is the place for you. It can get noisy at times, so make sure to bring your headphones if you have trouble tuning out background noise! Our tutors and SIs say they it helps them stay focused being around others who are working.

  • “Coffee close by, surrounded by people, love to be on campus instead of in my apartment all the time.”
  • “People working around me keeps me focused.”


Graduate students work on the Court of North Carolina on a fall day.

While North Carolina weather can be unpredictable, there are plenty of amazing spaces where you can be productive while also catching some sun rays and enjoying nature. The full list could get pretty lengthy, but some of our favorites include the Brickyard, the Court of North Carolina, the covered tables outside of Talley Student Union, the garden at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, the Oval and The Corner on Centennial Campus… see what we mean?

A nighttime aerial photo of The Corner on Centennial Campus
The Corner on Centennial Campus offers a new space for day and night study, activities and fellowship.

Academic Buildings

Some of our friends at the ASC enjoy studying in the various academic buildings around campus. Whether it’s the close proximity to your classes or you enjoy studying with other students in your major, there are plenty of options. Here is what our students had to say about their favorite academic buildings:

  • “The engineering buildings can be quiet but also have people around so it doesn’t feel lonely. Lots of outlets, good connection, good overall atmosphere where other people are also working.”
  • “I like Engineering Building II because it is close to my ECE 306 lab room. Many of my friends in that class meet in there to get work done.”
A shadow silhouette of a student working on a laptop in front of a wooden wall and large window
Students work and study inside of the Fitts-Woolard engineering building on Centennial Campus.
  • “I like how lively Park Shops is. Depending on my mindset I might want a busier or quieter spot.”
Students walk by a brick building with green trees nearby
Located on Main Campus, Park Shops houses several classrooms and a Port City Java coffee shop. It’s also home to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs!
  • “I like [the SAS Hall Math Lounge] because only math majors have access to the lounge, so everyone in there will have some sort of advice if I need help while studying. It’s also not as big as some other study areas, so it’s a lot quieter.”
SAS Hall
SAS Hall houses math classes on Main Campus.

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design

This one is a bonus, but we have to give a shout out to our campus art museum! The Historic Chancellor’s Residence at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design offers a quiet space for students to study or do homework — while also being surrounded by beautiful artwork. You can also study outside in the garden and admire one of its newest additions, Italian Reflections.

The marble artwork called Italian Reflections in the garden outside the Gregg Museum
Take a seat on Italian Reflections, a marble sculpture in the garden outside the Gregg Museum.

New this year: The Gregg will be open to students as a quiet study space from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 6 through Saturday, Dec. 10 and Tuesday, Dec. 13 and Wednesday, Dec. 14. Space will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note the museum is closed to the public on Sundays and Mondays.

In addition to all of these awesome study spots, you can visit the Academic Success Center for tutoring, writing and other assistance. NC State offers a wide variety of wellness resources that can be particularly helpful during finals and other stressful times in the academic year. Visit the Wolfpack Wellness web page here.