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Taking 8 at State to the Next Level

The Department of Health and Exercise Studies (HES) encourages each student at North Carolina State University to take eight physical activity courses before graduation.

Students can select from courses in a variety of categories such as fitness and wellness, self-defense, individual sports, dance, swimming, team sports, and outdoor adventure just to name a few. Thomas Bailey, a senior studying Physics, has taken the Take 8 at State challenge to the next level! In May of 2019, Bailey will have completed 16 courses in the HES Department!

Students on hiking tripIn high school, Bailey was involved in a variety of varsity sports, including; soccer, cross country, swimming, and tennis. When coming to NC State in 2015, he wanted to maintain his active and healthy lifestyle in college.  He enrolled in his first HES course, golf, as a way to spend time with his brother, a senior at NCSU. After the golf class, he continued taking courses that were of interest to him. His two favorite classes were Skin and Scuba Diving 1 and Mountain Biking.

“Taking HES classes is a great way to relieve stress, receive credit, and meet new people at State,” said Bailey. “I never knew I would enjoy a class, such as Social Dance, but it has actually been a lot of fun!”

Bailey stresses time management as an important factor in keeping up with 16 credits of HES, in addition to his normal class load. He also never misses a Wolfpack football or basketball game and is on several intramural teams.

Congratulations Thomas for completing two rounds of Take 8 at State!

The courses include:

  1. Golf
  2. Ultimate Frisbee
  3. Basic Rock Climbing
  4. White Water Kayaking
  5. Skin and Scuba Diving 1
  6. Indoor Group Cycling
  7. Racquetball
  8. Social Dance 1
  9. Social Dance 2
  10. Intermediate Rock Climbing
  11. Mountain Biking
  12. Bowling
  13. Target Archery
  14. Volleyball 1
  15. Skin and Scuba Diving 2
  16. Country Dancing

Follow in Bailey’s footsteps and Take 8 at State. For more information about the program: