Tag: Gregg Museum

February 28, 2019

Artist’s Talk: Christin Lorena Weisner on “Explorations”

An assistant professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the College of the Albemarle, Christina Weisner makes functioning sculptures from scientific instruments of various sorts, including undersea seismometers and hydrometers. Her work, which often

February 21, 2019

Artist’s Talk: Susan Harbage Page on “Borderlands”

BorderLands – Evidence from the Rio Grande includes photographs Page took at the US/Mexico border along with found objects (shoes, wallets, eyeglasses, toothbrushes, toys) dropped by immigrants in their haste to get across or escape

February 14, 2019

Artist’s Talk: Jean Michel Dissake

After working with NC State Arts Village students in a 2-week living and learning residency, Cameroonian multi-media artist Jean Michel Dissake presents works that incorporate recycled and found objects. In his own work, Dissake uses vines,

February 7, 2019

Opening Reception: “Borderlands” and “Explorations”

“Explorations” features the work of Christina Lorena Weisner, who incorporates scientific instruments, found objects, and elemental materials into her sculptures and installations, often integrating the equipment’s original functions in her work. “Ideally this sculpture will