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Student Health Services Seeks Volunteers for Phase Two of Wolfpack Surveillance Program

Student Health is looking for students, faculty and staff who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate in weekly PCR testing to better understand how common asymptomatic people may be among all three groups on campus.

The exterior of the Student Health Center, with a sign that reads Student Health Center

NC State Student Health Services is happy to announce the WolfPack Surveillance Program, Phase Two.

This program will conduct COVID-19 viral PCR testing on a regular basis in volunteers who are vaccinated for COVID from three groups on campus: students, staff and faculty. This will give health center staff a sense of how common asymptomatic people may be in all three cohorts. Student Health wants to follow this group of vaccinated people who may be exempt from mandatory testing. If you are vaccinated and do not want to participate in this program, you can still get tested at any WolfTRACs location, which can be found on the Protect the Pack website.

Student Health Services is recruiting vaccinated individuals in the following groups:

  • Students: students with a mix of on campus housing/off campus housing, graduate/undergraduate, college and virtual/hybrid class attendance. All students must be over the age of 18.
  • Staff: staff employees with a mix of facilities, dining servers, desktop IT support, public safety roles and any on-campus staff.
  • Faculty: faculty members with an average of more than 20 hours per week on campus time and a mix of people with roles such as research, face-to-face or hybrid classroom instruction and general faculty members.

By signing up you agree to submit documentation of vaccination by an authorized U.S. FDA (EUA or Full approval) or World Health Organization authorized vaccine. You will also get tested every week for the duration of the program, which is expected to be for 10 weeks. The sample is a nasal swab from the front of the nose, which you can administer yourself under the guidance of the staff. All samples must be collected at any of the WolfTRACs testing centers.

Student Health Services will provide:

  1. The test and all supplies. There is NO COST to the participant.
  2. Results to you, usually 1-3 days after the sample is collected.
  3. All communication regarding symptom questions and test results is conducted through the confidential electronic health record.
  4. Overall data to the university leadership. This data does not identify individuals in any way.

If you are interested in participating in this program, use the form to sign up.