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Stephany Dunstan Joins Leadership of UNC System Assessment Council

Written by: Kasey Harris

The UNC System Assessment Council has recently appointed Dr. Stephany Dunstan of the Office of Assessment to represent NC State.

The council’s role is to advance practices in institutional assessment, accreditation and effectiveness, as well as aid in connecting assessment professional throughout the UNC System. It is made up of one representative from each of the 17 UNC System schools, and each institution is able to develop a team of assessment professionals to help guide conversations and assessment practice on their campuses.

Dr. Dunstan has also been appointed to a leadership role within the council. She will take on the role of co-leader, which allows her to shadow the current leader throughout the coming year. While in this role, she will learn to facilitate discussions among the council, develop meeting agendas alongside the current council leader, and work to build a culture of assessment within the entire UNC System. After her year of shadowing, she will take on the main leadership role, and help to mold the future of assessment throughout the system. She notes the council’s main goals are five-fold in that they look to share, educate, advocate, advise, and communicate best practices for assessment professionals within the entire UNC System.

While this is a large role, Dr. Dunstan is excited about the challenge. She looks forward to helping further develop a strong culture of

assessment throughout the system. “We are a newer council, only about three or four years old, so we have an opportunity to really further the council’s goals, set an agenda that is really inclusive of everyone, and continue some of the great work the council has done previously,” explained Dr. Dunstan.  

In her new leadership role, Dr. Dunstan hopes to accomplish a number of things, but in particular, she is excited to further the council’s role in professional development and communication of best assessment practices.  She also looks forward to developing a broader sense of collegiality among assessment professionals both on NC State’s campus and throughout the UNC System. Furthermore, Dr. Dunstan finds the council to be extremely beneficial in helping to provide a sounding board for new ideas and innovations in assessment practices.“I feel like this group is comfortable sharing both positive and negative experiences they have had in assessment, so it’s a good group to go to for feedback or advice,” she explained.

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For faculty and staff members looking to learn more about the UNC System Assessment Council or join the NC State team to learn more about assessment practices, please contact the Office of Assessment at