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Spring Break in Ecuador

The Ecuadorians were generous, friendly, spirited and shared their country openly with us. A transformative experience.

Picture this: 2019, the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle –

  • 17 students
  • 5 physicians from Ecuador and the US
  • 1 pharmacist
  • 2 RNs
  • 2 Paramedics
  • 5 translators from the Universidad San Francisco Medical School in Quito
  • 1 Timmy Global Health coordinator
  • 1 Hombro a Hombro logistician
  • 1 NC State Team Leader

This amazing team saw more than 370 patients in five clinic days! Dr. McGeary and Dr. Casani, along with Pack Peers Caleb Williams and Jacob Lucas, went on an amazing Timmy Global Health Alternative Service Break March 8-17, 2019. Each day, they traveled by bus, ferry, or pick-up truck to a new location. When they arrived, they unpacked equipment and setup a fully-functional clinic where they saw everything from colds, chicken pox, and snake bites, to STIs, TB, and intestinal parasites. After all that, they then packed back up for the ride back to base camp. A truly amazing experience.