Shaping futures one appointment at a time

It takes a village to help a student achieve success. Faculty, advisors, mentors, RA’s– just to name a few– the work of every single person on this campus touches the lives of students in impactful ways. But one of the closest bonds, a relationship critical to the development of engaged learners and effective leaders, may be that which exists between student and academic advisor.

Academic advisors help students develop knowledge inside and outside the academic arena that can have an impact on their lives beyond their college tenure–that effort is as important as the outcome; that students hold the power to shape their own lives; that integrity, dedication, and self-belief mean everything.

We are never prouder than when our students succeed, but the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues is a welcome one.

For nearly a decade, NC State has recognized advisors for their exemplary service to the student community during the Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards Ceremony. Seventeen exceptionally deserving academic advisors and advising administrators were nominated this year and on January 23, 2015, five were selected to receive awards.


The 2015 advising award winners include:

Erin Seiling – New Advisor Award

Life Sciences First Year Program

College of Sciences/College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Dr. Genessa Devine – New Faculty Advisor Award

Department of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management

College of Textiles


Susan Navey-Davis – Faculty Advisor Award

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Dr. Jane Lubischer  – Advising Administrator Award

Department of Biological Sciences and Life Sciences First Year Program

College of Sciences/College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Millie Herget – Barbara Soloman Advising Award

First Year College


In addition to the advising award nominees and winners, approximately thirty Advisor Development Institute (ADI) graduates were also recognized for their accomplishments at the January 23 ceremony.  ADI is a professional development opportunity for NC State University faculty, staff, and emerging professionals which focuses on components of effective academic advising and allows advisors to assess their effectiveness.  More information about ADI and the ADI Certificate program can be found at

This year, Academic Advising Services was privileged to host John Paul “JP” Regalado as keynote speaker for the annual ceremony. Regalado is the Executive Director of Academic Advising at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and is the current president of the National Academic Advising Association.