Scholars Forum: Student Conversations

Jonathan Schertz answering questions after his presentation.

In this edition of Student Conversations, we had the pleasure of presenting talks by five remarkable University Scholars. They included:

  • Jackie Gonzalez: Leading the Pack as Student Body President
  • Justin Kuhn: Creative Coding
  • Hannah Chaya: Across Lebanon: From Saofar to Terbol
  • Nicholas Biondo: It’s Never to Late to Change Your Future
  • Jonathan Schertz: Lebanese Compassion: Refugees & Orphans

The Student Conversations event is based on our ongoing series of presentations by University Scholars entitled Super Scholars Stories. This series features short presentations from our students that are doing amazing things: study abroad, research, volunteer service, conference presentations, internships, and much more.

If you’re a University Scholar, and you think you’re doing something amazing that should be featured in our Super Scholars Stories, feel free to contact Chester Brewer at