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Student Life

S.T.A.T.E Village Becomes Transfer Connections Village

New village focuses on supporting transfer students at NC State.

The NC State seal on the floor of Talley Student Union, with a large banner in the background that reads "Welcome Home."

By Caroline Carpenter

Starting in fall 2022, University Housing’s S.T.A.T.E (Second-year Transition and Transfer Experience) Village will become the Transfer Connections Village.

The new living and learning community will focus on creating a holistic programming and residential experience to support transfer students in their first year at NC State.

Transfer Connections Village initiatives will focus on three areas: empowering transfers in transition, fostering meaningful relationships and cultivating personal, academic and professional goals. Units from across campus will speak with students about services available, and village events will focus on affirming and celebrating resident identities. Residents will have the opportunity to network with other transfer students and alumni, explore research and internship opportunities and reflect on their personal experiences through a portfolio. 

“The Transfer Connections Village aims to give our students a crash course of what opportunities NC State has to offer them,” noted Caitlin Corker, director of the Transfer Connections Village. “Transfer students are an incredibly diverse student population, spanning from student caregivers, veterans, non-traditional and early college students. They enrich conversations inside and outside of the classroom through their unique perspectives, and they expand our collective understanding of what the student experience is or should be. With over 4,200 transfer students on campus, I am so proud that University Housing is leveraging its resources to support this unique population of students.”

Housed within residence halls and apartment buildings on campus, Living and Learning Villages help students harness their enthusiasm and embrace their curiosity alongside students with shared interests. As village residents, students complement their formal education at NC State with dynamic programming like retreats, seminars, networking events and mentoring, all focused on their special pursuits.

Learn more about the Transfer Connections Village here: