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Prepare for 2023-24 Room Selection

Check out University Housing’s timeline for the 2023-24 on-campus room selection process.

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University Housing’s 2023-24 on-campus room selection process has already begun! If you are a returning student that is interested in living on campus for the 2023-24 school year, learn more about the room selection process below. Visit the University Housing website for more information about on-campus housing options. 

To be eligible for room selection, you must be a currently enrolled student for the spring semester. Students with an active spring housing assignment will get priority in the actual selection process.

Now-February 3: Room Selection Application

All current students who want to live in on-campus housing (including Living and Learning Villages) for the 2023-24 academic year must complete a Room Selection Application by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 3

The Room Selection Application is a housing application that does not commit you to University Housing, nor guarantees you a space in housing. It enters you into the room selection process and allows you to participate in Step 2 of the selection process. You are committed to housing once you select a space or are assigned a space as an individual or as part of a roommate group.

Students interested in applying/returning to a Living and Learning Village must complete the room selection application by the application deadline. Indicate your village interest on the application, select your village preference and answer the two village interest application questions. If you are accepted into your top ranked village, you will not be considered for another village.

Once accepted to a village, you will complete your Room Selection with your village in the weeks following. You will only have the opportunity to select a space in the village for which you are approved.

For a more detailed walkthrough of the application, check out this guide from University Housing. 

February 16-28: Room Selection Process

Prior to the room selection process, you will be sent information about your room selection time block. Your room selection time block indicates when you or your roommate group will be able to access the housing selection pages for an opportunity to select your assignment for the upcoming academic year. Priority in room selection will go to students with an active spring 2023 housing assignment. University Housing has also created a Room Selection Process Walkthrough that visualizes the process in the StarRez platform. 

Find Your Roommates

Roommate groups range from 2-4 people that have agreed to live together in the same room, suite or apartment. The number of people in your roommate group must match the number of available beds in the space you would like to select (two for a double hall-style room, four for a Wolf Village apartment, etc.). In StarRez, go to “Roommate Groups” and “Create Group.” Create a roommate group name and password. 

When your roommate group members go into StarRez, they will go to the “Roommate Group” page and enter the group name and password to join. Check out our roommate matching events to find your Pack that you’d like to live with! 

If you do not participate in the room selection process as part of a roommate group, or you are currently an off-campus student, you will be able to select a room during the “Option 4 – Open Selection” timeframe. 

You will have the opportunity throughout the room selection process to edit your roommate group. For example, if you are in a four-person group but only double rooms are available during your time block, you may split into pairs. 

Below are the tentative room selection time blocks for this year: 

  • Feb. 16: Graduate room selection 
  • Feb. 17: Living and Learning Village selection
  • Feb. 20: Returning Wolf Ridge resident room selection
  • Feb. 22-23: Option 1 – Current residents with less than 61 credits
  • Feb. 24: Option 2 – Current residents with less than 92 credits 
  • Feb. 27: Option 3 – Current residents with more than 92 credits
  • Feb. 28: Option 4 – Open selection — students without roommates and off-campus students — roommate group restriction removed

Roommate Matching Events

Having a roommate group is the most effective way to get your preferred on-campus housing assignment during room selection. If you are still looking for a roommate group, we recommend that you attend our roommate matching events to build your Pack and meet potential roommates! Register at Each event will take place from 6–8 p.m. on the dates listed below. Links to virtual events will be sent to those who registered. 

  • Thursday, Feb. 2 – Virtual 
  • Tuesday, Feb. 7 – In person, Talley Coastal Ballroom
  • Thursday, Feb. 9 – In person, Talley Piedmont Ballroom
  • Monday, Feb. 13 – Virtual 
  • Wednesday, Feb. 15 – In person, Witherspoon 126

University Housing Virtual Drop-In Hours

Have questions about the room selection process or the available housing options? University Housing staff will be available via Zoom during the following times to answer your questions and address your concerns: 

  • Wednesday, Jan. 25 from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. 
  • Thursday, Feb. 9 from 1-3 p.m. 

Visit the University Housing calendar for the Zoom links closer to the date.

University Housing Changes in 2023-24

The following updates were recently sent to students for consideration as they select rooms for the upcoming year:

  • University Housing will be leasing University Towers (corner of Dan Allen Dr. and Hillsborough St.) for 2023-2024. Several beds will be committed to students in room selection, including one floor of single rooms. University Towers is suite-style with two rooms sharing a bathroom.
  • One building in Wolf Village is converting from first-year housing to upper-class housing. This adds 35 additional apartments into room selection.
  • An additional one-bedroom, double occupancy apartment building in ES King Village will be used for upper-class students for 2023-24, making buildings A, B, C and O available for room selection and bringing upperclass spaces closer to Gorman Street and the campus bus stop.