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Student Life

PACKing Tips: Week of Aug. 2-6

University Housing shares a checklist for what incoming students and their families should be doing this week to ensure a smooth fall move-in.

A residence hall room with lofted bed with a desk and fold out chair underneath

Leading up to the fall 2021 move-in days (August 12-15), University Housing is sharing weekly checklists to help students and their families prepare for a smooth move-in process. 

This week we will be primarily focusing on final packing tips, room setup and what to expect on move-in day:

  • Be aware of what to (and what not to) bring. University Housing wants you to make your space feel like home while remaining safe, so be sure to review the NC State Suggested Packing List
  • Consider bringing a small cart to assist with move-in and a tarp or some type of large covering with you to help protect belongings during the move-in process in case of rain.
  • Use stackable containers and label each container with your last name, building and room number. Additionally, we encourage you to be thoughtful with your packing. Limit the number of items you bring to campus.
  • Find your room layout. Use our 3-D tours to see what your room will look like, how much space you (and your roommate) have, and where you might want to put things.
  • As you think about decorating your room, be sure to familiarize yourself with our Community Standards. Specifically, we recommend reviewing the “Room Decorating” section.
  • Figure out where you need to check-in and what you will need to check-in. You can find all the details in our Fall Move-in Guide.
  • Start planning your trip to arrive on campus, check in and unload your vehicle within your one-hour appointment window. Don’t worry. You don’t have to fully move in during this one-hour timeframe! You only need to unload your car and move to long-term parking; then you can focus entirely on unpacking and getting settled. See the NC State Transportation website for more information about what routes to take to access campus and where to park on move-in day at your specific residence hall.

If you have more specific questions about the move-in process, please email