Nominate Students to Fellowship Advising

Biomedical engineering PH.D. graduate student Vindhya Kunduru in a biomedical engineering lab at EBIII. When Vindhya Kunduru moved to Raleigh, she had no idea she was going to become an expert on Salmonella, bacterial infections and chickens. Now she's hoping to build a career on them. PHoto by Marc Hall

Faculty and staff can now nominate students for additional guidance on nationally competitive and prestigious award applications.

The University Fellowships Office (UFO) has created a simple form for NC State University faculty and staff to nominate students, graduate students, and alums in their programs who might benefit from additional awareness of available awards and the guidance the Fellowship Advising Office provides.

Faculty and staff simply submit:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s email address
  • Student’s major/college and year
  • A short reasoning for their nomination.
  • Faculty member’s name
  • Faculty member’s email address

The nomination form is a new addition on the University Fellowships Office’s website.

Once the nomination is received, the Fellowship Advising Office will reach out to the student and begin the process of exploring potential awards with them.

The University Fellowship Office helps NC State’s undergraduate students, graduate students, and alums learn of and apply for nationally competitive and prestigious awards. These awards fund a wide range of opportunities, and many are connected to undergraduate and graduate degree programs or internships, overseas opportunities, and independent projects.