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DASA launches new website

On February 27, Division of Academic and Student Affairs Marketing and Communications and Technology Services offices flipped the switch on the new website that has been in the works since late last fall.

The new site features a student-focused approach to presenting information, a departure from previous iterations of the site which focused more on the needs of faculty and staff. While that information is still there, there is now a landing place for the university community to get a big picture look at what the division does and offers. The design, based off of the recently launched site, provides clear areas for promotion, news, events, and focus areas.

There are now six “buckets” in which most departments or programs fall into at least one. They include Academic Success; Arts & Culture; Career Development; Developing Leaders; Health & Wellness; and Student Life. These focus areas create opportunities for cross promotion between units that provide similar thematic programs.

While this is just the first step in a larger division-wide effort to create a cohesive web environment, it is a large one. Please take a few minutes to peruse the site, while keeping in mind that not all areas are fully populated with information and some kinks in the mobile versions are being worked out. Included in the site is a feedback form. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks to the Design group of the Office of Information Technology for their work in building the technical backend to our new environment, which will also be used for departmental websites in the near future.