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New Academic Success Center to Provide Comprehensive, Centralized Support

A rendering of the inside of the new Academic Success Center
Academic Success Center rendering

If you are wondering what’s up with the new construction at the D.H. Hill Jr. Library, you’ll be pleased to know it’s for the new Academic Success Center, opening in fall 2020.

This new center is a partnership between the NC State University Libraries and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, designed to provide on-campus academic support to undergraduate and graduate students.

Carrie Zelna, associate vice chancellor, said, “Having this Center in the D.H. Hill Jr. Library means we have a central location for our students to access academic support while also encouraging an atmosphere of teamwork and academic rigor.”

This partnership-based center pulls together tutoring and coaching resources for ease of access and efficiency. “We are excited to have a centralized venue to continue to build a high energy academic atmosphere,” Zelna said.

A rendering of the inside stairwell of the Academic Success Center.

The center will include the following services:

  • Peer Tutoring to augment the current one-on-one, or formalized group tutoring by providing drop-in group peer tutoring.
  • Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services expands services currently offered by the University Tutorial Center to reach more undergraduate services. Being housed in the library provides the additional advantage for students working on research papers.
  • General Academic Coaching can benefit even the brightest students who may struggle with specific academic skills. Through the Center, this coaching will provide all undergraduate students the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from peers to enhance note-taking skills, time management and motivation skills, and exam preparation.
  • Drop-in evening Advising and Career Counseling provides support for students who are struggling with specific courses, or who need additional advising and career counseling support. With drop-in hours at the new center, students can speak with professionals about academic challenges, choice of majors and careers. The drop-in model encourages students to seek advice early in their process.

We are delighted that this dynamic partnership between NC State University Libraries and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs is actively creating an enhanced environment for collaboration and learning on North Campus. This allows us to bring together many of our services in one space, and to expand access to other augmented services demonstrates this institution’s commitment to promoting the success of the whole student,” Zelna added.