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Student Success

NC State Marks New Record with 11 Fulbright Winners

Recipients of the prestigious 2023 award will pursue graduate study, conduct research or teach English abroad.

NC State’s University Fellowships Office is pleased to announce that a record 11 students have been awarded 2023 Fulbright Scholarships.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program expands perspectives through academic and professional advancement and cross-cultural dialogue. In partnership with more than 140 countries worldwide, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers unparalleled opportunities in all academic disciplines to passionate and accomplished graduating college seniors, graduate students and young professionals from all backgrounds. Program participants pursue graduate study, conduct research or teach English abroad.

The recipients and their destinations are as follows:

  • Jabeen Ahmad, research award to Denmark
  • Amadu Barrie, creative arts award to The Netherlands
  • Anne Graf, research award to Ireland
  • Amy Isvik,  research award to Rwanda
  • Meriem Laroussi, ETA to Rwanda
  • Skye Pham, study award to Aalto University, Finland
  • Katelynn Roark, ETA to South Korea
  • Stephanie Sosa, ETA to Taiwan
  • Kay Tychus, ETA to Rwanda
  • Aiden Winters, study award to the Royal Veterinary College, UK 
  • ETA to Mexico (student declined award)
  • Keith Abbey, alternate for study award at University College London, UK

If you are interested in applying for awards, scholarships and fellowships like the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, the University Fellowships Office can help! Within the parameters of each award, the office supports students through the entire process by providing advising sessions, writing support, interview preparation and institutional endorsements. Learn more on the University Fellowships Office website.