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Meet your Student Chief Justice, Jodi Svetaketu

Meet Jodi Svetaketu, your Student Chief Justice. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Jodi is a third year Spanish major here at NC State University. In her role as the Student Chief Justice, Jodi is a member of Student Government and responsible for the leadership of the University Conduct Board in their review of potential violations of the Code of Student Conduct and efforts to educate the University about the policies, rules, and regulations of NC State University. Get to know more about Jodi and why she joined the Conduct Board.

What interested you in joining the University Conduct Board? What interested you in running for the Student Chief Justice position?


I didn’t have anything like a Conduct Board or an Honor Council at my high school and I thought it was very exciting that our school had this platform for students to discuss on our own code of conduct and how that plays out in real situations.

In considering the Student Chief Justice position, I served all last year as a Hearing Assistant, and I really enjoyed serving in that position but I missed being able to ask questions during hearings, and deliberate with board members. Running as Chief Justice and serving as presiding officer felt like the next logical step!

What impact do you see the Board having on the student body of NC State University?

The board has an important job of educating students and upholding our university’s reputation as an institution of learning. I think student board members are in a very unique position because unlike other office of student conduct staff members, we’re students just like the people we hear and can sympathize/connect with them very easily.

I think it’s a great advantage, and we as board members have to use it to think about what’s fair and right for the university, and what’s best for the student. That’s a big job. For the rest of the student body, I hope it comforts them to know that the Board understands the pressures and problems they face that ultimately want to help them learn how to decide what’s best for them.

What do you want students to know about when it comes to the Conduct Board?

Being on the board doesn’t require a certain skill set! We thrive on different types of knowledge and different outlooks. Also, I’ve found that board discussions are usually way more valuable when there are lots of differing opinions. I think that’s why it’s so refreshing to welcome new members to the board! Members that are newer to the board process tend to ask uncommon, but brilliant questions that sometimes returning board members overlook.

Applications for the University Conduct Board are open until October 2. To apply, fill out the online application. For additional information regarding the Board, please contact or email Jodi at