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Meet the 2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Advising Award Recipients

Five faculty and staff members from across the university were recognized for their work in advising students at the NC State University Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards Ceremony.

View through the trees of Centennial Campus

Throughout the course of their academic careers, students will make connections with many influential people. It could be a faculty member who presents a lesson that inspires a student to pursue a major in their field of study. It could even be a coach, a mentor or resident advisor, or an alumnus/alumna who has developed as a leader in the professional world. Every single person makes a difference, but the relationships that endure the longest may be those between students and academic advisors.

These dedicated individuals support students as they figure out where they ultimately want to end up, and help chart the path to get there. Deeply committed to the success of all students, these are the people who keep them on track to graduate on time, offer a dose of realism when needed, and provide the overall support students need to realize their greatest ambitions. They are true cheerleaders and champions for our students, and are undeniably deserving of recognition every single day. 

On Friday, Jan. 27, NC State Academic Advising Programs and Services honored exceptionally deserving advisors from across the university during the 2022-23 NC State University Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards Ceremony.

See all of the award recipients below:

New Faculty Advisor Award

The New Faculty Advisor Award honors an outstanding faculty member who has been advising undergraduates for up to three years, including service at all institutions, and who spends less than 50 percent of their time serving as an academic advisor.

Recipient: Christin Phelps, Department of English, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Christin Phelps

New Advisor Award

The New Advisor Award is presented to an outstanding primary role advisor who has been advising for up to three years, including service at all institutions. Advising makes up 50 percent or more of the individual’s responsibilities.

Recipient: Alyssa Jennings, Wilson College of Textiles

Alyssa Jennings

Faculty Advisor Award

The Faculty Advisor Award recognizes an outstanding individual whose primary responsibility is in teaching and research and who spends less than 50 percent of their time advising undergraduate students. The individual has advised undergraduates for three-plus years including service at all institutions.

Recipient: Shweta Trivedi, Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Shweta Trivedi

Barbara Soloman Award

The Barbara Soloman Award is presented to the outstanding advisor who spends at least 50 percent of their time on direct delivery of advising to students and has five years or more of academic advising experience at NC State. This award is presented in honor of Barbara Soloman, whose long and distinguished career demonstrated both outstanding advising and advocacy for students as she championed student success.

Recipient: Susannah Lawrence, Academic Advising Programs and Services, University College

Susannah Lawrence

Carrie McLean Award

The Carrie McLean Award is presented to the outstanding administrator who has oversight of an advising functional area. Nominees must have served as an administrator for at least three years. The award honors the many contributions of Carrie McLean, the first director of advising at NC State, and her distinguished leadership both at NC State and across the nation.

Recipient: Erica Kosal, Director, Life Sciences First Year Program

Erica Kosal